Underground Work forces(Pirates) : The Action Takers.

via Daily Prompt: Underground

Who are underground work forces?
> Members who create Internet Piracy – Pirates.

The most familiar type of piracy is the illegal copying and distribution of music, movies, and games from the Internet. While downloading these products—if you pay for them or have permission—isn’t a crime, it is a crime if they are sent to others or widely distributed.
Pirates are everywhere. Video,audio and text content. Software and Hardware*.

*Widespread in 90% of the world. Less intense in first-world countries.

Who are these pirates? Why is there work so flawless, fast and organized?(Imagine all other questions in the similar sequence)

I can’t state the entire answer because it depends on the industry being pirated.

Let me just end it by saying they’re free-willed technical freaks who do not fit in these jobs of a usual software employee. They stop the disruption of internet evolution by limiting the otherwise gigantic profits out of which the entertainment industry could make a fortune. Thus, the monopoly of entertainment industry giants cease to exist uniformly.


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