Why be a rabbit? Be a snake.

No. Not now.
Why be a rabbit?
Shed some skin.

Cease your trail of fidgety fingers
and throwing a glance
Be a snake, wander beyond a nuance.

March toward me,
Put words in my mouth.
Accuse, excuse, blame or shame
throw at me what you prefer to
show me the place you suffered through.

By kismet,
we’re on the same page now
and as far as I can leaf through the book of life,
there is not a single passage like this
from now.
I think you feel that too.

My four eyes can foresee….
your caressing of hair and scratching of  palms,
Sending me nuance after nuance
Fade all your reasons away and
March toward me
I will take you to a trance within a trance.

Shed some skin.
Why be a rabbit?
No. Not now.


Sated with a dream.

One truth is sure
like the moving legs of time
You won’t walk with me
like you had.

Now that you are gone
Life has become unfair
Grey clouds hide the sun,
Steal the starlight as they pass.

Dreams are so wild
Nobody catches them
when they want to.
But tonight I was sated with relief
when you walked
with me
like you had.

I have a lust for chaos.

Love, you look so beautiful
when your smile goes topsy-turvy.

Yes, I gave you a chocolate yesterday
and tiny flowers before that
and I did it all for you.

But this is only for me…..
that I will disconnect with you tomorrow.

You did nothing wrong…..
It’s just that
I am gleeful when you feel chaotic

because you look so beautiful
when your smile goes topsy-turvy.



Character matters everywhere.


Furudate Haruichi is a manga(a Japanese comic) artist best known for Haikyuu!!

The following excerpt is taken from Haikyuu!! manga(translated from Japanese to English):

Scene: Main protagonist(X) is a player and is trying to help improve his opponent’s skill while practising with him to make him a better player and cheer him up.

Opponent: I really appreciate your advice a lot…..but what do you possibly have to gain from cheering me on?

X: It’s quite simple really. I want to beat you at your best.

Yuri on Ice


via Daily Prompt: Anticipation


Following is a couplet from very renowned ghazal((in Middle Eastern and Indian literature and music) a lyric poem with a fixed number of verses and a repeated rhyme, typically on the theme of love, and normally set to music.) of Mirza Ghalib.

I couldn’t have bettered this post than this couplet.

Couplet :

ye na thi hamari qismat ki visal-e-yar hota

agar aur jiite rahte yaha intizar hota

Translation :

It was not in my fate to unite with you
even if I had lived more, there would only have been an anticipation of our union.

[Courtesy :rekhta.org.]

Reflection of Conscience

I see my body, thoughts and actions as a reflection of my conscience. Nobody will disagree that all our actions can’t be according to our conscience.

We can’t always behave how our conscience wants else we will become a moral police.

So if one’s conscience is its own true guiding source of life, we always try to stay close to that image. We ourselves become an artificial image of it.

I volunteer to spread sadness.

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer

How strange it is that we exist in a universe which is surrounded by other universes.
I think we too continually create our own universe.
Friends, family and foes exist in it. Without them we fail to define the meaning of our own existence.

Also we strive to sustain the “happiness” and “satisfaction” within our universe.

Beauty of our existence is that it craves for balance. Happiness of one domain comes at the cost of sadness in other domain/s. (A Yin-Yang manifestation or “Red pill and Blue Pill”).

This is what I feel volunteering to spread sadness to other beings existing around you.



Underground Work forces(Pirates) : The Action Takers.

via Daily Prompt: Underground

Who are underground work forces?
> Members who create Internet Piracy – Pirates.

The most familiar type of piracy is the illegal copying and distribution of music, movies, and games from the Internet. While downloading these products—if you pay for them or have permission—isn’t a crime, it is a crime if they are sent to others or widely distributed.
Pirates are everywhere. Video,audio and text content. Software and Hardware*.

*Widespread in 90% of the world. Less intense in first-world countries.

Who are these pirates? Why is there work so flawless, fast and organized?(Imagine all other questions in the similar sequence)

I can’t state the entire answer because it depends on the industry being pirated.

Let me just end it by saying they’re free-willed technical freaks who do not fit in these jobs of a usual software employee. They stop the disruption of internet evolution by limiting the otherwise gigantic profits out of which the entertainment industry could make a fortune. Thus, the monopoly of entertainment industry giants cease to exist uniformly.

Gone against the wind

via Daily Prompt: Waiting

The below piece of writing is about how I choose to do small and big things in a rebellious way(so it seems to many) i.e., in a way opposite to the usual practice.

Standing with the crowd
All wait for the wind to blow

so that……..

the birds,…. the kites,…… the sand
the black, the white and the tanned

the trash, the pollen, the tides and ebbs
 the blind with wind chimes
& the drunk with their kegs

take the route carved by the wind-blower.

Meanwhile, I ponder about the course

which will stop me with all its force